Thursday, December 1, 2011

Structure and Forethought

A current project I'm working on, perhaps my biggest to date, is reminding me that it is very important to plan ahead for future scope when creating a code structure. In this case, I had big dreams but at the time didn't have the skills to put it all together. So I scaled down the project to the level at which I could cope. However, as time progressed and I developed new skills, I have been able to extend its scope to accomplish my original vision.

The consequence of scaling this project down was that the structure was scaled down also. Then, when I was able to add new elements to the project, I wound up overhauling the structure twice. This consumed a bit of time but served as an important lesson - If you anticipate a more complex structure than you might originally develop, design the project to be extensible so that it doesn't need a total restructure.

I'll spend a little more time in the future before diving in, to contemplate the potential complexity of a project rather than just the initial structure. This should result in more efficient code at the outset!

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