Monday, November 28, 2011

Not the beginning!

This is not the beginning of my journey in systems librarianship. It began when I landed my first job as a librarian and one third of my role was to begin learning code to be able to assist the Systems Librarian with routine systems chores. Or did it? Perhaps it began when I was in my early teens with a Commodore 64 and, using Basic, I wrote short scripts to provide my younger sister with computer-based stories or math games. Little did I realize that when I volunteered in my high school library and spent free time writing short scripts to animate, multi-colorate, and nauseate a welcome message on a library computer, that I had sailed prophetically close to my future career! Either way, it was not part of a grand scheme of mine. Just as becoming a librarian was a quiet realization that the library career matched well with the logical mind with which I am equipped, moving into library systems was an equally logical step.

I love programming. I enjoy the learn-as-you-go self-education that comes with learning various programming languages. Much like learning a foreign language, I have experienced the plateaus where it seems hard to proceed upon the upward journey. I have enjoyed the revelations which open up new possibilities and applications of what I've learned. I love this creative outlet. I revel in developing coded solutions to library problems.

My goal is to achieve a Systems Librarian/Head of Library Systems role in which I can support the library's ever-increasing dependence on technology for the ongoing success of library functions. As my knowledge grows, I look forward to helping train those whom I supervise and to equipping them for success in their roles.

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